Day 11 of 30 – How Many People Can You Serve?

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How Many People Can You Serve?

When you, when you’re transitioning into being your own boss, understand that you’re still being hired by somebody.

But who are we being hired by? Were not being hired by a boss anymore because we are the boss. We’re hired by our customer, we’re hired by the public, we’re hired by the people that we serve.

And that’s really the whole point that I want to make here is how many people can you serve? How many people do you serve?

What is your Golden Idea? 

You need to find your golden idea, golden ideas, are idea that serve both you and others.

A good idea serves either you or others, not both, & a bad idea obviously it doesn’t serve anybody.

So, good, bad, and golden ideas. When you get your golden idea, that is the one you want to run with. That’s the big one. That’s the idea that’s going to change your life because you’re golden idea is foundationally based in serving you and others.

I’m not saying to serve in any specific way. or even by giving them money. I’m saying you can serve people with your time, your encouragement. There’s a lot of different ways to serve others.

But my point is how many people can you serve? How many people do you serve right now? Serving one is amazing, is great and extremely important! So keep doing that… but also ask yourself how to increase the quantity of people you can serve.

The quality of service is something also to talk about, but the quality of service is less about the prettiness of something. Although aesthetics are important to that too.

But really the important part is, what is it, what’s the intention of it? The true quality lies in who you ARE, and what your MESSAGE is, and how consistent you are with delivering your message in service to your audience… 

What does it do and how will it improve someone’s life?

That is really what we have to think about in to serve others more.

You Can’t Do That! 

When I made $1Million in Real Estate before I was 26 years old, I didn’t realize that one early main motivation of mine was someone telling me I couldn’t do it… That was a massive motivator for me as a young person. 

I’ve learned to not allow that to be my motivation anymore, to just choose what I want and allow that to propel me. But I have been propelled in the past by people telling me I couldn’t do something. 

And I don’t know if you can identify that, but one of the reasons I was propelled is not just because I wanted to do it, but because I wanted to prove to that person that they could do it. Does that make sense? I wanted to show other people who told me I can’t do that.

I wanted to prove to them at the time, yes you can.

If you want to. If you take the proper steps to do it, then figure out how to do it & go make it happen. So that’s always the reason I wanted to do all this kind of crazy stuff.

So basically, how much money do you want to make in your lifetime?

That is going to be directly correlated with how many people you serve.

I love you so much! Until next time, develop awesome skills and go find your gold!


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Full Episode Transcript with Timecode:

00:01Good morning everybody. It is day 11 of my 30 day hiking and no coffee challenge and I’ma little groggy this morning. I got to admit I did it though. I got up, I got up the mountain. I was a good intense hike this morning, but I hope you’re all doing great. Hope you’re all doing amazing. It is going to be a great day. I’m working on my blog again today. Got the hiking videos up. I want to thank you that Pat, thank you so much for telling me how to organize my my playlist’s. I didn’t understand why when I uploaded them in the right order, they didn’t really organize in the right order and sometimes I missed some, so I’m glad you had me look at that. Thank you. I just organize them for you but also for everybody else, so thanks that pat hope you’re doing awesome. Today I really wanted to talk about, well, I didn’t really have this two planned, but I want to talk about quality versus quantity and I also want to talk about serving others because

01:14I haven’t necessarily been able to have like a nine to five job my whole life. I’ve had a few in my life, but recently I haven’t had any for since my freelance film career for the last 12 years. I would get, I would take jobs, um, for other people. But here’s what I’m realizing. When you, when you’re transitioning into being your own boss, understand that we’re still being hired by somebody. We still have to be hired by somebody. But who are we being hired by were not being hired by boss anymore because we are the boss. We’re high, we’re hired by our customer, we’re hired by the public, we’re hired by the people that we serve. And that’s really the whole point also that I want to make here is the people that we serve.How many people can you serve? How many people do you serve?

02:05Do you serve others? Right now, with everything that you’re giving, are you a good steward of your resources and are you able to serve others with what you’re given in anyway? I’m not saying it has to be a specific way. I’m not saying you have to serve others by giving them money. I’m saying you can serve people with your time, your encouragement. Uh, there’s a lot of different ways to serve others. But my point is how many people can you serve? How many people do you serve right now? Serving one is amazing, is great. The quality of service is something on talk about, but the quality of service is less about the prettiness of something.Although aesthetics are important to that too. But really the important part is what is it, what’s the intention of it? What does it do and how will it improve someone’s life? So that is really what we have to think about in to serving others.Now here’s a quick story about me as a kid. Good morning. There’s the sun coming up. Hi. Nice. So a quick story about me as a kid, I want to just this son because I don’t want that lens flare to wait. Let’s see. Oh sorry. At Lynn’s layer is going to be dancing if I don’t cover it with my head.

03:26So quick story of my past, I was a kid and I was in, I got into real estate really young. Let me start a little earlier than that when I know a few of you have heard the bubblegum story, but I was in middle school and I used to sell bubblicious, but the only reason not to tell you how I got into selling bubble issues, I was like the gum dealer in middle school for a short span. So I was doing the candy drives and every time I do the candy drives, I would sell a whole bunch of candy for the school, for the fundraiser or whatever. And then they would give me points to get like a Yoyo or something I didn’t even want. And then so what I’d wanted to do was I really wanted to make some money. I’m like, why didn’t, why not just giveme instead of points, give me like commission.

04:13That’s what I really want. But they didn’t want to do that. So here’s what I did. I found a four pack of bubblicious at the convenience store in Maricopa and I, it was only dollar. And I was like, I think I could sell each of those packs for 50 cents each.And so I had like five bucks on me. I bought five of those four packs. I had 20packs of Gum, took it to school, man. I sold out, sold out of that bubblelicious and it was awesome. It was a lot of fun. And uh, I became the gum guy. I was like dealing gum in middle school and it was a great entrepreneurial experience.My mom encouraged me and everybody has school really liked it, really loved the fact that I was doing selling gum. The one person that didn’t like it however, was the principal of the school and he’s like a note when he found out I was dealing gum, he shut me down.

05:05Anyways, he takes my backpack in the, uh, in his office and dumps it on his desk and it’s like a pile of bubble issues. And I was bummed. But he calls my mom and he’s like, hey, Dave, selling gum here. You got to come down. He can’t be doing this.And my mom comes down, but instead of reprimanding me, she actually talks to my principal. She’s like, why are you stopping Dave from trying to be an entrepreneur? And, uh, it was amazing. My mom had my back. And that, the point of that story is that my mom’s amazing, but my mom always told me that could do anything. She told me I could do anything I wanted and then I believed her. So I asked myself, what do I want to do? And my answer that question was, want to be a movie star mom.

05:48Okay. So if I want to be a movie’s dark, can I do that too? I’m trying to ask you these outrageous things. I want to be an astronaut. I wanted to be a movie star. I wanted to be a baseball player. She’s like, yes, yes, yes, you can do it too. All of those. SoI picked movie star and then I got a girlfriend and I got a girlfriend who gave mean ultimatum. It was either her or acting, I think at the time it might’ve been because if I would’ve got an acting role, I might’ve been able to kiss a girl, another girl besides her. And I know she probably wouldn’t have liked that. And maybe at the time I might’ve wanted to get a role like that and she probably knew that. So anyways, but she didn’t want me to get the, uh, the role.

06:26But it was a good thing because what did that do? It forced me to think about what did really want to do in the, in terms of success. So instead of being an actor, I chose to focus my energy on real estate. I chose real estate and the way I chose real estate was that I saw one of my mom’s friends, but I was 19 years old. I saw one of my mom’s friends making a lot of money in real estate. And I’m like, I think can do that. If he can do that, I can do that. So I decided, made it my goal, but before I made it my goal, I was writing down in my journal because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I took a journal out and I read half a book called write it down, make it happen.

07:04It’s a good book by it. If you haven’t already got it, I haven’t already read it. Write it down, make it happen. I forget the author’s name. It was a really good book. And I read half of that book, got inspired enough to start writing down my goals every day. was 19 and I wrote down about 20 times a day for about three weeks. By in one year, I’m going to have, so time based deadline in one year I’m going to have 90that I’m going to make $90,000 have a truck and a boat. In one year I’m gonna make $90,000 having a truck and a boat and one year I’m gonna make $90,000have a truck and a boat. And that’s the thing to repeat. Repetition is key in a lot of these things. Everybody, repetition, especially in goal setting is key. So I wrote it down for three weeks repetitively, 20 times a day on a piece of paper.

07:47I didn’t necessarily know what I was going to do, but then all of a sudden three weeks went by and then Ding, I got the idea for real estate. So I’m like, all right, awesome. SoI jumped into real estate and I really, I got my license in like three weeks also andI got like a 99% of my tests. I killed it. I aced it. I studied so hard, I obsessed, learned about it and I killed it. So I got my license, but then I’m on the top of this little plateau that I just got. I’m like, okay, I gotta get my license to make some money, but now I got my license. What do I do? So I went and Hung my license at century 21 and the first realtor I met with at century 21 I was 19 years old.

08:27She asked me, she’s like, what are your goals? And I said, I want to make $90,000 in a year.I want to, I didn’t tell her about the talking about, but I was like, I want to make90 grand in a year. And she’s like, oh, okay. Nice job kid. Like she literally laughed in my face and I, I was taken aback a little bit and she’s like, kid, you’re good at, you’re gonna maybe make 30 grand if you hustle or no way you’re making 90 grand your first year. And I was like, okay, well thanks for telling me that. Like what? What, who was I do now? So what did I do? Then the next thing she told me changed my life. She said, the only way you’re going to make that kind of money as if you get a job in new home sales and nobody can get a job in new home sales, it’s really hard.

09:15They don’t really hire that many people. You have to go take some training classes and do whole bunch of stuff even just to get in. And I was like, but you said that that you could make that kind of money there. And she’s like, well they make a lot of money in new home sales. So I’m like, Ding, Ding, Ding. So then I did some research and she was right. She was right. She told me I couldn’t do it on both accounts. To me, I couldn’t make 90 grand. And then she also told me I couldn’t get a job in new home sales and for some reason you can’t do it. It’s a motivator to me. Now I want to really aside here for a second and tell you that a negative motivation to do something is not necessarily the best motivation to do something and will get you to do it, but it’s not the best for the patient always todo it.

09:58Underneath it all. I succeeded at that time in my life based upon someone telling me couldn’t do it. I don’t let that, cause that can happen in a negative way too. And it has in my life also. So I, I’ve learned to not allow that to be my motivation anymore, to just choose what I want and allow that to propel me. But I have been propelled in the past by people telling me I couldn’t do something. And I don’t know if you can identify that, but one of the reasons I was propelled is not just because I wanted to do it, but because I wanted to prove to that person that they could do it. Does that make sense? I wanted to show other people who told me can’t do that. You can’t do that. I want to prove to them, yes you can.

10:39Yes I can if you want to. If you take the proper steps to do it, there’s just, you’ve got to figure out how to do it and go make it happen. So that’s always the reason wanted to do all this kind of crazy stuff. But, so she told me I couldn’t do it, but Idid some research. She was right. I, oh, she wasn’t right about that, but she was right that new home sales was the way I could actually make the money. So found this training course, Highland bay and I, I found out that if I won the top gun award at this Highland bay class, then I would probably get the pick of my jobs. So I signed up for this Highland bay class and I took it and I was like, think a week long sales training class. And I get in there and I, I’ve done some sales training before in my life and I was thinking to myself, I need to remember everybody’s name because I wasn’t that good at the time.

11:32I remember remembering people’s names. There was about 20 people in the classroom and had been to a couple of sales training classes where I knew what they were going to do. The second day is they were going to ask in a joking manner, hey, can anybody name everybody’s names around the table? And I want it to be the guy that raised his hand and said I could do it. And so that first day I did listen to a lot of the training, but that first day I literally made a diagram of every everybody’s name around the table and I just drilled everybody’s face and name into my head.I looked at him, I looked at him, looked at him, and repeated their name in my head the whole day. And I did it. I locked it in to my brain. And then the next day came and I was, oh, maybe, you know what I wasn’t guessing because the first day the, the instructors said, I want to, uh, after we introduced ourselves, I want whoever can name this everybody’s name tomorrow, I’m going to see if someone can do it tomorrow.

12:30So he gave me the challenge and the beginning of the day. And uh, so then the next day came and he asked the question, Hey, can anybody say, can anybody introduce everybody? And I said, yes. I raised my hand. And he’s like, okay, go for it. AndI was like, and everybody was sitting in different seats too. So that was actually the really cool part that my brain like did I really remembered their face. So went through and I, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba, bubba boom, 100% accurate. Nailed it. Everybody like couldn’t believe it. They clapped. Guess what? I won the top gun award. That one thing. I want the top gun award in that class. And so once won the top gun award, I got this little certificate, I put it on my resume, top gun award winner for whatever. And then so I then I submitted my application to Beazer homes and I went into a group interview.

13:17I got an interview because of the award that I won. So I went into this group interview.There was about eight people around this table, maybe 10, forget, um, there were all interviewing for this job and they asked the question, why should we hire you? And a couple of one person stood up, boom. Why told them next person stood up, told them, boom. Now it was my turn. Why should we hire you, Dave?And I stood up so confidently. In fact, I think I probably already had this practice.Why should we hire you? Because I’m going to be the top sales person for somebody and I really love your home. So I’d really love to be the top salesperson for you, but if you guys don’t hire me that’s totally okay. I’m going to go be the top sales person for somebody else. And I sat down real quick.

14:05I was like, what did I just say by heart was like beating like crazy. It was pounding out of my chest and um, but it was good. It was, it was good. I just remembered a sales trainer in my head saying, why don’t you say your piece? Just shut up, be quiet and see what happens. So I was quiet and guess what? It worked. I got the job, got the job. And then I’m not going to tell you the story about me working in real estate. I just wanted to mention that. But what happened was I turned around and basically little under six years, maybe five and a half years. And instead of making 90 grand, having a truck and a boat, I now had made $1 million. I had six houses. I had over a network, over $1 million at that time, and I hadn’t made, well, no, I didn’t have a net worth of $1 million cause I was wasteful of my money, but I hadn’t made $1 million.

15:01When you add up all my salaries and all the stuff while my house is worth, I had $1 million,I’d made 1 million bucks. And here’s the thing that I want to mention though, the whole reason that story is I was sitting on the top of this mountain with $1million that I hadn’t made. I didn’t really have anybody and I wasn’t asking for help on how to invest that money. I was trying, I read half of Rich Dad, poor dad thought I knew I was doing. I never got an actual coach, a person. I should have done things a little differently. However, everything has taught me the things that it’s taught me. So it’s not a bad thing. I chose to invest all of the money that I had made because I decided to quit real estate at the time and I chose, oh, so I didn’t want to do it at the time.

15:42So I realized I didn’t have a girlfriend or an ultimatum and saying I couldn’t do acting anymore. And now I had made a whole bunch of money. So I was like, what do want to do now? Now I want to be an actor. So then I was able to transition from real estate into the film industry and I made my first movie and I spent all my money on it. It was a horror film. We shot it on Super 16 we shot it here inPhoenix and I ended up finishing it. Long Story Short, I got rid of all my money that I had made in real estate. I got rid of it for a couple reasons. One, I did invest it into movies. However, I didn’t understand what I was doing. I was doing it for the goal of money, not for the ultimate goal of serving people.

16:24I didn’t have it in my mind. I didn’t have the training yet to understand that I needed to learn how to serve more people. I needed to learn how to serve people with quantity, quality, quantity, and quality. I didn’t understand that yet. I didn’t understand that yet. And when you don’t understand that the money you get, Mike, it might stick around, but but if you just put it in your bank account is kind of hoarded, what are you doing right now to serve other people? It could just be one person, it could be two per people, could be three people. But if you’re desiring wealth, financial wealth, if you’re desiring riches, you need to find, like I said, there’s three kinds of ideas. You need to find your golden idea, golden ideas, an idea that can serve both you and others. A good idea serves either you or others, not both and a bad idea.

17:19Obviously it doesn’t serve anybody. So good, bad, good, bad, and golden ideas. When you get your golden idea, that is the one you want to run on. That’s the big one. That’s the idea that’s going to change your life because you’re golden idea is foundationally based in serving you and others. So how many people can you serve? That’s my question. How many people do you want to serve? How much money do you want to make in your lifetime? That is going to be directly correlated with how many people you serve. Now, when I was selling real estate,I was serving people by, by selling houses. Then when I got into movies, I really wasn’t certain people. I was more serving myself. It was a good idea, but it wasn’t necessarily a golden idea cause I didn’t know how to serve people with movies yet. I was really just chasing the money and chasing the money without being able to punch through your goal to something else.

18:08It’s going to be ultimately unfulfilling. So I hope this video, I encourage you guys today, just want to say serve people more. Find a plan to serve people more, especially if you want to be rich. If you want riches, if you want financial wealth, find a plan that’s going to serve more people. Quality is the baseline. But I want to mention too real quick quality. Like on these videos, quality is not having a big red camera, big $50,000 camera sitting up here on the top of the mountain with me or a film crew that would cost a lot more. Right? But that’s not quality anymore.That looks good. That’s that is quality in the term of like a dictionary term. But quality nowadays a little bit different too. When you can couple that kind of quality, the clothing quality, the, the, the outside shyness with content quality, then you’re going to, you’re going to win.

19:07But even if you don’t have the shining quality, as long as you have content quality, what are you saying and who are you? Be Authentic with who you are and talk about whatever you want to talk about. But whatever you’re saying is the quality. Who you are is the quality. It’s not the video quality. So if you have a phone right now and you have an idea in your head and your phone has a video on it, then the video recorder and then just record yourself with an idea and put it on your youtube channel. Now also want to mention if you want to grow a channel, I did get this question yesterday from Dominic’s. Hopefully you’re awesome,Dominick. Hopefully you’re checking this out. If you want to grow your channel, you need to also employ consistency. Choose how often you’re going to post and be consistent.

19:57And if you, if you’re posting and you’re getting like five views or 10 views, look, I was getting that many views in the beginning of my channel. Just understand, and still am not getting that many of you is compared to other people out there. So it’s not competition with anybody else. It’s competition with yourself. But ultimately treat one fan as if there were a million fans. If you can treat one fan and serve one fan as if they were a million fans, when that million fans shows up, you’re going to be serving them too. So understand it’s, it’s quantity and quality of service.Quality is important, but so is quantity. How much can you serve? So that’s my message for today. I hope you guys are doing incredible. Hope you have an incredible day. I gotta get down the mountain cause I’ve got to get to toastmasters. I don’t even know what time it is, not wearing my watch, but toastmasters is at six o’clock.

20:45So I might be a little bit late. But I love you guys. You’re all incredible. Uh, comment below what your 30 day challenges and what you thought about this video and my blog is up. I think I want to be releasing this video on my blog and uh, we’ll see. But anyways, thank you so much for being awesome, for being the best version of you that you can be and learning how to become the best version of you that you can become. So I love you so much. My Name is David A. Stone. Until next time, develop some skills and go find your gold. Mine.


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