My Cocoon – Shareable Nugget #13

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Shareable Nugget #13: My Cocoon

I was in a pretty hard spot. I needed this cocoon. I really needed to enter a cocoon and I didn’t even really know what a cocoon was. The word cocoon started coming up for me while I was in the chaos.

And I started telling everybody, Hey, I think I needed a cocoon, I think I need everybody to just to leave.”

Everybody’s like, hey, why don’t you just go out of town, or on a vacation?

But I just built this food forest at my house and I’m like, no, my vacation is having everybody else leave. I get to choose to design my own life in my own house and my own food forest.

Thankfully, everybody understood that.

And I chose to process. I chose to ask everybody if they could leave. I asked my brother if he can move in with my mom. My mom, if my brother could move in with her and her new husband, Steve

And also I asked my dad if he could move out as well because he was there. We were all hanging out. It was a great time, but just everybody could sense that I was overwhelmed.

Because I didn’t process anything.

We need to be more like bears.

We need to hibernate – structured alone time.

We need to enter our cocoon and hey, I get it, sometimes you’re not gonna be able to enter a three-month cocoon like I did.

I get it, but we need to find our daily cocoon.

Did you know that one hour per day spent on yourself equals six and a half, 40-hour work weeks at the end of the year? Or are you willing to give yourself a six and a half full, 40 hour work weeks devoted to your dreams?

It’s time. It’s not that much to ask.

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  1. David A Stone

    have you ever taken a cocoon? Do you need to take one to recalibrate?


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