Your Subconscious Power – Shareable Nugget #15

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Shareable Nugget #15: Your Subconscious Power

There’s two main reasons that we do anything and I think all of you know this already. We are either trying to decrease our pain or trying to increase our pleasure. Now sometimes we do this subconsciously.

Sometimes these are programmed habits within our subconscious because our subconscious, you’ve a mountain moving mind, but here’s the thing… you can’t consciously think about everything that your mind does on a second by second basis.

There’s no way you would consciously remember to beat your heart as many times that it needs to beat in order to keep your body alive. There’s no way you can remember to tell your lymphatic system to extract the waste from all the foods you eat and then extract it all through your sweat glands and urine and all that good stuff. Number ones and number twos. There’s no way that we can remember that stuff.

Our subconscious mind is powerful and in fact, there‘s electromagnetic energy fields that surround us. When you get around someone, your energy field and their energy field meet.

This is why you can feel sometimes what other people are feeling. You could feel if someone has a mask on, or you can feel authenticity, you can feel congruence.

Are you living with how you think you should be living? Or are you choosing to complain and feel really bad for where you’re at? Because really all it is, is a mindset shift.

Your thoughts are things.

But if thoughts are things, then words are the physical representation of those thoughts, that’s why words are so powerful. So be careful how you talk to yourself.

Be nice to yourself, and then the nicer you are to yourself, that’s going to express itself outwardly.


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